The Gardens

The Bonn University Botanic Gardens cultivate about 10,000 plant species from 388 plant families. So there is a lot to see!

© C. Löhne / Universität Bonn

Palace Garden

Record-breaking trees, splendor of blossoms in every season, relaxing moments on a bench on the banks of the pond - the palace garden offers all of this.

© Volker Lannert / Universität Bonn


You can experience the fascinating flora of the tropics and subtropics, the monsoon areas and the deserts in the glasshouses.

© C. Löhne / Universität Bonn

Garden of Useful Plants

Here you will find cabbage and turnips, cereals and pulses, spices, citrus fruits, aromatic plants and many regional specialities.

© C. Löhne / Universität Bonn

Melb Garden

This satellite garden is usually not open to the public. However, we celebrate an "open day" each spring.

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