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Botanische Gärten der Universität Bonn - Telefon: 49-(0)228-735523 - Telefax: 49-(0) 228-739058 - botgart[at]uni-bonn.de

How to find the Gardens

The Botanic Gardens are about 15 minutes walk down the Poppelsdorfer Allee from Bonn’s main train station (Hauptbahnhof).

The gardens around the rococo Poppelsdorf Palace encompass roughly 6.5 hectares of land (0.5 hectares under glass). The garden of economic plants at Katzenburgweg comprises 2 hectares. In addition to these, there are around 3 hectares which are not open to the public.

A total of about 11,000 different plant species are cultivated in the following gardens (download pdf and see map): The ARBORETUM (A) is a collection of 700 different woody plants. In the SYSTEMATIC SECTION, roughly 1,200 species are arranged in beds according to their evolutionary relationship. The plants in the GEOGRAPHICAL SECTION (G) are arranged according to their natural occurance. The BIOTOPE SECTION (B) houses local indigenous species, and The EDUCATIONAL SECTION (L) illustrates medicinal plants, among others. Economically useful plants are marked with the letter ‘N’. The GLASSHOUSE COLLECTIONS indicated in pink on the map are open to the public. The other areas are reserved for cultivation and research.

Download the brochure "Bonn University Botanic Gardens" as pdf file (1,7 MB).