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Botanische Gärten der Universität Bonn - Telefon: 49-(0)228-735523 - Telefax: 49-(0) 228-739058 - botgart[at]uni-bonn.de

Economically useful plants - green diversity for mankind

The Economic Plant Garden at Katzenburgweg is divided into two sections, separated by Carl-Troll-Straße. In total, around 2,000 species of cultivated and wild plants are grown here. Entering from Katzenburgweg, on the left there are several glasshouses that are not open to the public. Along these, containerised plants are placed during summer months; most notable is a representative collection of the genus Citrus.

To the back of the glass houses, there are some beds with economically useful plants from the world’s temperate zones. Here, you can find different leafy vegetables (e.g. purslane) or plants with edible flowers (e.g. artichokes).

Different interesting mediterranean trees are also planted here, such as the strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo), pistachioes (Pistacia vera) and cork oak (Quercus suber).

Crossing Carl-Troll-Straße, you get to the second part of the garden. In the large beds, you can see wild species from central Europe. Particularly interesting is a bed where some important weeds grow. At the back of the garden, you can also find the Botanic Gardens’ Centre for Environmental Education, next to the Garden of Magic and Witchcraft. Nearby is an exhibition area, used for seasonal displays.

Download the brochure "Bonn University Botanic Gardens" as pdf file (1,7 MB).